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Jan. 19th, 2013


[sticky post] About 'In Somnia'

For the Marauders another year at Hogwarts has begun; there's classes to attend, spells to learn and of course mischief to make. Safe and protected in the Castle, it feels like the stirrings of war are a thousand miles away. Until things start to get weird.

It starts with small things; the feeling of deja vu and half remembered dreams, until the line between dreams and reality starts to blur. At first this discovery can be considered interesting and even fun, a new playground to be explored. But magic always comes with a price, and not only could the dreamscape have more nefarious uses, but manipulating the dream world could have disastrous consequences upon the real one.

In somnia is a medium level role play; whilst there's no set word length for posts, it's preferable to post at least 2 paragraphs (and one liners are very much discouraged - you will lose house points!). The main posting will be here on the  insomnia_mwpp community, with character journals for 'parchment play' (interlinked journals that can be used as a messaging system between students, staff etc)

There's no set plotline exactly, so feel free to take the scenario and plot away with fellow players and if you'd like, join in some of the mod run 'events' (ie. Halloween, Yule ball etc). However, any radical changes to the world, characters etc should be discussed with mods and characters in question first.

WANTED CANONS: Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Regulus Black, Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black etc

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Oct. 13th, 2013



This is the monthly summary of threads, events and plotlines, to keep everyone up to date. Anything in italics is either canon so will take place, or is plotted by players to take place around canon events.

June 1976

Jun ? Snapes Worst Memory...

Jun ? The marauders are back together...

May 1976

May ? Remus and Lukas have a chat

May 14th - the morning after...Sirius, James, Peter and Severus spoken to by Dumbledore early hours of morning, Marauders fall out when Remus is told what happened.

May 13th - The Prank

April 1976

Apr ? Sirius goes to his best friend for help and finds a new home

Apr ? Sirius runs away from home after a massive family row

Easter Hols 12th - 23rd April (Hogwarts express leave Sat 11th and returns sat 24th)

March 1976:

Mar 26th: The Marauders enter the dream world again and Sirius talks them into getting tattoos. They wake up and find the tattoos have transferred to the real world. (thread active and open)

Mar 22nd: James, Sirius, Skye and Sam are partnered up in Divination class and the Marauders do their best to cause havoc. (thread active and open)

Mar 21st: Lukas and Remus have a second date organised by Remus who gives a tour of the magical creatures of Hogwarts for Lukas (thread finished)

Mar 20th: Snape brags to Lucius about his successful payback on Sirius (thread active)

Mar 20th: Snape has payback on Sirius by turning his hair pink and causing boils via a potion. Remus tries to fix Sirius' hair, turning it ginger, and James and Peter find it hilarious. Sirius fixes his hair and hexes James, causing him to break his broom. Sirius and Remus make a run for it down to the Potions dungeon but James summons the Gryffindor Army to hunt them down (thread active and open)

Mar 18th: Sirius and Skye are locked in a broom closet by James without wands as a prank. They kiss and are released by Lucius, who insults them, prompting a punch from Skye. (thread active and open)

Mar 15th: Remus and Skye chat then clash with Lucius (thread finished)

Mar 12th: The Marauders battle nightmares in the dream world and Remus wakes up with a strange mark on his leg - was it from the dream world? (thread finished)

Mar 10th: For Remus' birthday the boys and Lukas sneak into Hogsmeade for a drink and shopping (thread active)

Mar 1st: Care Of Magical Creature Class; the Marauders and Severus have a clash after class and Remus works on getting closer to the Hippogriffs (thread finished)

February 1976:

Feb 26th: Remus and Lukas have their first date (thread finished)

Feb 21st: The marauders host a 'party' of sorts, to get to know Lukas (aka interrogation) but things get a little out of hand (thread finished)

Feb 20th: Sirius and Severus serve detention (thread finished).

Feb 19th: Severus has brewed up a revenge plot, but things don't go quite to plan... (thread finished)

Feb 18th: Remus and Lukas private lesson (thread finished)

Feb 16th: Sirius, James and Severus make trouble in Potions Class (thread finished)

Feb 15th:

1am: Sirius returns from his 'date'disater and Remus listens to his rant. (thread finished)

PM: After some full moon plotting, James and Peter inadvertently get Remus to confess to his new relationship (thread finished)

Night: Full moon! (thread active)

Feb 14th - valentines day!

AM James has given out chocolate of a questionable nature, and helped Sirius prank Remus with a fake valentines. Lukas tries to cheer up a mortified Remus. (thread finished)

Noon: Remus receives a real valentines card, and confesses his worries to Sirius (thread finished)

PM: Lukas and Remus meet for a chat and take their friendship to a new level. (thread finished)

PM: Sirius and James chat and have a glitter fight (thread finished)

Midnight: Sirius meets a mystery girl for a rendezvous...and gets a nasty surprise! (thread finished)

Feb 13th - James has the perfect plan to sweep Lily off her feet on Valentines Day...chaos ensues. (thread finished)

Feb ? - Things in the dream world are getting weirder...James, Sirius and Remus are joined by Lily, exploring what they now realise is a shared dream. (thread finished)

Feb 7th - Hogsmeade Weekend. Sirius hits on a barmaid then tries to get Lily drunk. James is hyper. Remus and Lukas get to talk. (thread finished)

Feb 5th - Remus convinces Sirius to pick up a book, and together they work on the Marauders Map. (thread finished)

January 1976:

Jan 31st - On a tip from one of Sirius's girls, the Marauders crash the Slytherin common room and get more than they bargained for. (thread dropped)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Sirius and Remus stumble upon a new secret passageway, and decide to go exploring. (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Remus and Lukas take a quiet walk and their friendship takes a new turn. (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Full Moon hijinks! (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! The beginning of the Dream World plot. Remus and Sirius battle nightmares. (thread closed)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! James crashes Remus's revision class and causes havoc. The pair have a slight falling out, but eventually make up and they decide to spend some more time working on the Marauders Map. (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Sirius gets a flying lesson from James...what could possibly go wrong? (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Lukas and Remus have a private study session (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! The bookworms Lukas and Remus's friendship begins to form. (thread finished)

Jan ? - Before we used the calendar! Pre-Moon plotting; the boys try to figure out a wolf-safe adventure, and end up coming up with the idea for the marauders map. (thread closed)

Jul. 21st, 2013


Remus and Severus Trial Scenario

This was not good. Not good at all. Remus’s eyes darted from side to side, seeking out the nearest exits. James and Sirius had already escaped, the gits, leaving him looking like the guilty party. He was sure it wasn’t intentional, but had he been forewarned that they were plotting a prank, he might have been able to plan a good excuse, alibi or even escape route. But here they were, in an empty corridor with Severus covered in some kind of very smelly, slimy goo.

The brunettes eyes settled on a tapestry; ah, so that’s where they’d disappeared to. However, if he tried to escape now not only would he tip Severus off as to a secret passage, but he’d leave his back open to attack and possibly get trapped in the passageway (the other end was blocked with a bookcase, that could be shifted with a latch). “Ah...” he tried a disarming smile. “I guess Peeves is loitering around here, hey Sni---Severus?” the nickname Snivellus was on the tip of his tongue, but he managed to save it. Remus tried to blame the incident on the castles resident poltergeist (who, in all fairness, did actually pull silly pranks like this).

Jun. 30th, 2013


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Jan. 19th, 2013


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